Autism Awareness Month

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March 23, 2017
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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that affects one’s ability to communicate. It can make social interaction difficult, and if ignored, can greatly diminish quality of life. It is a common condition that has no cure, but can be treated with various behavioral therapies to help alleviate symptoms and strengthen communication. Throughout April, the Autism Society strives to promote autism awareness and celebrate inclusiveness and acceptance of those who live with ASD. Below, Innovative Speech Language Pathology in Los Angeles lay out ways in which you can get involved in this campaign.

Educate and Celebrate

While public awareness of autism has grown in recent years, there are still measures we can take towards greater awareness. Starting close to home and teaching family and friends how to include and advocate for the autistic people in their lives can help those diagnosed with ASD form stronger and more meaningful relationships. By celebrating the behaviors and differences that make autistic people unique, Autism Awareness Month aims to foster an atmosphere of inclusion and appreciation so every person with ASD can enjoy a greater quality of life. Acceptance and awareness must start at home before it is practiced and embraced in the community.

Action Beyond April

The tens of thousands of people who will be diagnosed with autism each year will need advocacy and action beyond the month of April. Being there for people with ASD and educating others about the disorder are important year-round. Displaying the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is one way to jumpstart a conversation about autism. Learn about autism-friendly businesses and events in your neighborhood, such as theaters that participate in Sensory Friendly Films each month, and educate your community about these events. On a larger scale, donations to the Autism Society can help improve the services available to individuals with autism across the country.

Innovative Speech Language Pathology can show you how to get involved with autism awareness and help you celebrate the people in your life with ASD. Innovative SLP offers many services on-site for autistic children, including occupational therapy. Call Innovative SLP at (310) 659-9511 to speak to a member of our team about how you can advocate during Autism Awareness Month.