Breakthrough with a child!!!

Ages & Stages of Language Acquisition
May 7, 2010
Sound Acquisition Chart
August 18, 2011

Today I saw one of my weekly clients.  I was prepared for the usual! For him to cry upon seeing me in enter the waiting room and plead for his mom to accompany him into the room.  After 3 weeks of constant back and forth and  building rapport with the child, he did the most amazing thing today!!!

He actually smiled upon seeing me and reached his hand to grab mine.  He walked with ease to the therapy room without mom and cooperated pleasantly throughout the session.  For the first time he produced the sounds /p/ and /k/ during play and actually used them with intent.  I had to use all my might to hold myself back from crying and he reached for my hand and walked me to the bookcase to read a book.

It’s because of these days I find the strength and the love to continue waking up every morning and driving to work with absolute excitement and love for what I do. 🙂