September 8, 2011

How can I help my child’s speech and language development early on???

Most of us don’t realize how early communication begins. Communication skills develop immediately after birth, whether it’s through vocalization or non-verbal expressions! Newborns cry to indicate […]
August 18, 2011

Client having difficulty pronouncing /sh/ and /ch/

I just a client and it’s his 3rd session coming in. He has a distorted /sh/ and /ch/ in all positions (initial; medial; final). He presents […]
June 5, 2010

Breakthrough with a child!!!

Today I saw one of my weekly clients.  I was prepared for the usual! For him to cry upon seeing me in enter the waiting room […]
May 7, 2010

Ages & Stages of Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition According to Brown What are morphemes? Morphemes are the smallest units of sound or combination of sounds that make up words in speech and […]