Client having difficulty pronouncing /sh/ and /ch/

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August 18, 2011
How can I help my child’s speech and language development early on???
September 8, 2011

I just a client and it’s his 3rd session coming in. He has a distorted /sh/ and /ch/ in all positions (initial; medial; final). He presents with a very high and narrow arch which makes it much more difficult to work with! I’ve been working on oral motor excersises with him and he can approximate the sounds at about 40% which is very exciting! He’s a bit older and gets embarrassed every time he comes in and at times he begins to whisper as though to drawn out his misarticulation! I’ve found that with many clients who are older (in their teen years), they either begin to whisper or speak very rapidly to try to hid the misarticulations and these are times I feel not only am I a speech therapist, but rather a psychologist as well!