Simple Activities to Help Your Child Build Their Motor Skills

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March 22, 2017
Autism Awareness Month
Autism Awareness Month
April 6, 2017

Fine motor skills are required for many of life’s day-to-day activities. These skills rely on hand-eye coordination and control over the muscles in the hands. A mastery of motor skills enables your child to grow more independent by helping him or her develop the dexterity to eat, draw and even change clothes on their own. In this blog post, the speech therapists at Innovative Speech Language Pathology in Los Angeles discuss several engaging methods by which you and your child can work on developing his or her motor skills together. The following basic tasks provide the practice necessary to become a successful student who can write and use electronic devices with ease. Luckily, there are even ways in which you can sneak a little strength and coordination training into playtime.

Fun and Games

Many of the activities your child already loves can serve to develop motor skills. Painting (either with a brush or with fingers), putting together a jigsaw puzzle and stacking building blocks all focus your child’s attention and strengthen hand-eye coordination. Molding with modeling clay or cutting shapes out of paper with safety scissors strengthens the small muscles in the fingers and hands, which is crucial to fine motor skill development. These playtime projects provide ample opportunities for essential growth and quality time shared with your little one.

Chores and Routines

Assigning your child simple tasks, like picking up toys or cleaning up after snack time, will not only strengthen hand muscles but also instill responsibility. It’s never too early to initiate good habits, and your child will enjoy the time spent helping you. Straightforward movements like grabbing blocks or squeezing the water out of a sponge work the majority of muscles in the hands. When your child is old enough to lend a hand in the kitchen, the motions involved in stirring, mixing and shaking will also help keep his or her development on track.

If you feel your child needs assistance developing the fine motor skills that will lead to independence and success, call Innovative Speech Language Pathology at (310) 659-9511. Our qualified therapists provide clients with occupational therapy activities to lay the foundation for the activities of daily life.