Social Skills Journal
March 15, 2017
Activities to Help Your Child Build Their Motor Skills
Simple Activities to Help Your Child Build Their Motor Skills
March 23, 2017
Hello families!  This week in social skills we reviewed our rules and maintaining personal space.  PZ used a transition song to enter the classroom.  Many students with social pragmatic delays require support with transitions and music can be a fun way of avoiding disruptive behavior routines and fostering good transition habits.  KR, PZ, and MB all were able to demonstrate memory of our rules and participated in collecting smiley faces by demonstrating “green zone” behavior.  We practiced discriminating between “red zone” and “green zone” behaviors while reading a story book.  Finally, our class practiced staying in our own space while participating in some movement songs and activities.
Next week we will be concluding our unit on personal space.  In April, our class will be learning about personal hygiene and avoiding “gross” behaviors.  For more information about social skills, please contact us at 310-659-9511.