Social Skills Journal
April 25, 2017
Summer safety tips for autistic children
Summer Safety Tips for Parents of Autistic Children
May 4, 2017
Hello ISLP families! This past weekend I attended a talk by Dr. Ken Biele about the development of the brain and language and I wanted to share a bit of what was discussed and how it can relate to your child’s learning. When you look historically at the development of language, you see that human language developed most rapidly when humans began congregating into larger groups.  Those same social factors continue to influence language development in children.
Having a language partner who provides dynamic feedback though social interactions allows children to hone their skills most efficiently.  This helps them to learn not only social expectations but also improve their vocabulary and grammar structures through practicing and copying the language and speech of others.  The collaborative social relationship between clinicians, children and parents is essential to successful speech therapy.
However, many children, including but not limited to those on the Autism Spectrum, have difficulty initiating and maintaining social interactions.  This impacts not only specific social language skills, but language development in general.  The children in our social skills classes develop skills to help understand social cues and improve their ability to learn more effectively and quickly from their peers, family, and teachers across all subjects.  For more information, please contact us at 310-659-9511 to learn more about how your child can benefit from our social skills program.