Picky Eater vs. Problem Feeder
The Difference between a Picky Eater and a Problem Feeder
February 9, 2017
Social Skills Weekly Journal
February 22, 2017

Social Skills Blog Intro


Does your child find talking and playing with others a challenge?  Do they have trouble with sharing and turn-taking?  Each week our social skills students learn important lessons about interacting with others, adapting to unexpected challenges, and visiting new places.  In the upcoming months, we will address lessons topics including appropriate personal space, good hygiene habits, joining in with group activities and considering the feelings of others.  Students in our class also learn important concepts of how to listen and behave in a classroom environment.  If you have a child who experiencing challenges in making new friends, participating in group activities, sharing, or taking turns call ISLP at 310-659-9511 to learn more about our weekly social skills program.




This past week was Valentine’s Day in social skills!  Our class learned about the concept of “love” and how it can make people feel happy.  Students shared with the class the people that they love, from mommy and daddy to siblings and close friends.  Our students worked together to make valentines to give to the people that they love.  We read “The Penguin and the Pinecone” about two friends who sometimes have to be apart but still remain in each other’s hearts.  During this story, we reviewed lessons about emotions and awareness of how actions can affect the thoughts and feelings of others.