Social Skills Weekly Journal
February 22, 2017
Types of AAC Devices
Understanding the Types of AAC Devices
February 24, 2017
Social Skills Blog 2/21/17
Another busy week at social skills!  P.Z. transitioned into class with the use of a reinforcer and using water as a transition item.  K.R. and P.Z. both asked about friends who were absent this week that they were looking forward to seeing.  Our lesson today was about learning our class rules.  D.L. has been working hard on staying in his own space and was eager to share his thoughts on each rule.
We read a book about children who were following the rules and children who were not.  When asked if they would want to play with a friend, all the children said they would rather be friends with the children who were demonstrating “Green Zone” behavior.  We discussed how using appropriate behaviors will make others want to be friends.
Our class kept their bodies in the group during our movement song and kept their mind on the group plan to complete a big floor puzzle.  We even had a special visit from L.K., a friend who had been in social skills in the past but had not been seen for a while.  Every friend was excited to say “hi” and include him in our activities.  Next week we will continue to review our rules and learn more about staying in “green zone.”  To find out more about social skills, call ISLP at 310-659-9511.