How Social Stories Help Autistic Children

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June 1, 2017
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June 29, 2017

In last month’s blog post, our expert team at Innovative Speech Language Pathology went over the basics of creating a social story, a written or visual guide that describes the appropriate behavior and responses for simple, everyday situations. Social stories can be beneficial to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other special needs of all ages. For younger children (ages 2 and a half to 7), social stories offer several benefits in particular. Our team explains more in this blog post.

Social Stories Help Prepare Children for Changes and Transitions

Most children begin to learn new skills (including walking, running and talking) during their toddler years and, as a result, begin to learn to be more independent. The early childhood years are filled with many changes and transitions (e.g., learning to be potty trained, starting daycare, pre-school or elementary school and meeting/interacting with more children). Children with ASD require more help in learning skills that will allow them to better adapt to these changes and transitions. Social stories are a simple way to describe and introduce the idea of new situations, as well as what type of responses are expected of children. Parents and educators can think of a social story as a blueprint that children can use to prepare for new situations.

Social Stories Help Boost Memory Development and Cognitive Function

Deficits in cognitive function, including memory, are common among individuals with special needs, including those with ASD. Not only are social stories an opportunity for children to practice their reading skills, they also help them to boost their memory development. Breaking down large, complex ideas into smaller steps through the art of storytelling can help children with ASD learn and retain information about behavioral norms, routines and expectations easier.

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