Sound Acquisition Chart

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June 5, 2010
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August 18, 2011

Sound Acquisition Chart By Age

The charts above show normative data identifying each sound and approximately at what age they’re produced.  The term “normative” characterizes what is typical according to a particular large group at a specific point in time. Researchers have studied large groups of children and identified which particular speech sounds are used at what particular age and have come up with a “normative” data of acquisition of “speech sounds.”  The charts above are gathered information based on early studies (Templin, 1957; Sander, 1972; Prather, Hendrick and Kern, 1975) as well as recent studies (Grunwell, 1981; Smit, Hand, Freilinger, Berntha and Bird 1990; Goldman and Fristoe, 2000). Please note these charts are not definite and may vary from child to child, and that the charts only show data for consonants and vowels that are generally considered to have been acquired by the age of 3:00 years.