StutteringTeens and adults who have experienced stuttering frequently see speech therapists at least once in their lives. For patients affected by years of stuttering, it is recommended to visit a therapist multiple times. Stuttering can develop overtime and affect your speech patterns as you age.

Before opting for treatment, it is important to have reasonable expectations about your goals. Evaluate which speech-language pathologist is right for you, your objectives, how you define success, and the amount of treatment to receive.

ISLP is experienced in treating stuttering and specializes in working with the longest lasting cases. We have worked with numerous teens and adults, performing extensive sessions with realistic goals. Sessions are scheduled weekly and accommodates personal schedules and commitments of the individual.

We approach the treatment of stuttering using integrative programs that teach behavioral characteristics, resulting in improved oral skills. People can learn to describe words in a slower and more confident manner. Slower speech rates are developed through practicing with short phrases and sentences. Speech then begins to rise in speed, but remains smooth over the course of the program. After formal intervention, follow-up sessions can be scheduled to prevent relapse.