Summer Safety Tips for Parents of Autistic Children

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April 25, 2017
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May 18, 2017

Summer is an exciting time that brings along warmer weather, barbecues and outdoor sports. But if you have a child or loved one with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or another special need, the summer season can also bring about extra dangers that you must prepare for. In this blog post, the team at Innovative Speech Language Pathology shares a few tips to keep your child safe this summer.

Tips to Prevent Wandering

Children and adults with ASD and other special needs are more likely to run away or wander than other individuals. Here are a few ways to prevent your child from wandering:

  • Secure your home. Install dead bolt locks on doors and windows and install a home security alarm system.
  • Always be vigilant.
  • If your child responds to visual cues, print out stop signs to hang on doors and windows.
  • If your child is drawn to particular objects or sounds, try to eliminate the sounds, which will make your child less likely to investigate.

Also consider using a locating device. Medical ID bracelets with key information such as your name and contact information are also helpful in case of an emergency.

Swimming Precautions

Are you planning on spending time in the swimming pool this summer? Keep your child safe around and in the water by following these tips:

  • Find a life jacket that meets your child’s needs. Make sure your child wears the life jacket anytime they are near open water (e.g., pool, lake, river, ocean).
  • Always be near your child when they are near or in open water.
  • Drain bath tubs, hot tubs and Jacuzzis when you are finished using them.
  • Place motion detector alarms on pools, hot tubs and Jacuzzis in your home.
  • Take adaptive swim classes with your child.

Would you like to learn more safety tips for children with autism and other special needs? The highly trained and qualified experts at Innovative Speech Language and Pathology can provide you with more tips and additional information on caring for children with ASD. To learn more, contact our Beverly Hills office at (310) 659-9511 and speak to a member of our team today.