How to Become a Speech Therapist

A speech therapist, often referred to as a speech language pathologist, is a licensed healthcare professional who diagnoses, evaluates and treats children and adults with speech impediments and communication difficulties. Decide if a career in speech and language pathology is right for you with advice from a speech and language pathologist in this free video on how to become a speech therapist.
Expert: Odelia Mirzadeh


Bio: Odelia Mirzadeh is a Speech and Language Pathologist with Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Masters of Science (M.S.) degrees in Communication Disorders from Cal State University, Northridge.
Filmmaker: Steve Geffner


Series Description: Speech and language pathology includes speech impediments and communication disorders or difficulties. Learn more about speech and language pathology with the information provided by a speech and language pathologist in this free video series on speech language pathology.