Social Skills Group Los Angeles

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Innovative Speech and Language Pathology works closely with clients to evaluate speech conditions and develop integrative solutions.  Our center provides effective speech courses that address phonology, apraxia, tongue thrust, reading comprehension, voice projection, etc.  We develop the social skills that clients need to communicate effectively with peers.

Group Activities at Innovative SLP

Our group activities focus on developing relationships and improve social motivation.  We create a comfortable environment for learning and interactions among students.  We believe that a group experience enhances motivation and competence in learning.  We aim to develop self-confidence and self-awareness.  Our groups foster the creation of meaningful and sustainable connections that can be valuable for a lifetime.

Managing groups can be difficult when it consists of individuals from diverse age groups.  ISLP creates an environment that fosters relationships and helps individuals grow and bond with their group members. Our activities are not limited to games or structured social activities, we create a dynamic environment that improves social collaboration, improvisation, and empathy.

Social skills groups provide participants with the ability to achieve social thinking and avoid using scripted social behaviors.  We do not lecture or reinforce behaviors with awards.  Our dynamic program consists of challenging sessions that develop mindfulness, problem-solving, and performance of thoughtless social behavior.

Groups will meet weekly in hourly sessions.  Parent education sessions are conducted every month to provide feedback for the program. Home visits are also available and parents are encouraged to attend consultation sessions to address specific needs of their children.

ISLP can be reached for inquiries or appointments at (310) 933-1265.