Speech Therapy

The field of speech therapy is focused on evaluating the speaking abilities of both children and adults. The field is concerned with creating comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and providing therapeutic treatments for any speech, language, or voice disorders, including the ability to understand words and utilize expressive language.


Speech therapy is one of the primary specializations at Innovative Speech and Language Pathology. In performing therapeutic treatments, ISLP utilizes an approach that incorporates the unique needs of the individual and their families. An effective speech therapy program delivers a comprehensive evaluation of the client’s specific situation. Screenings and tests are provided based on the results of the diagnosis and age of the client. Through extensive testing, ISLP fully assesses the client’s speech, language, oral skills, and motor abilities.

The evaluation assesses measures such as:

• Receptive and Expressive Language
• Fluency
• Voice and Reverberation
• Oral Motor and Feeding Skills
• Speech Articulation
• Hearing Capabilities

In performing an extensive evaluation, the client’s need for special equipment is noted. After the testing period, further evaluations or possible treatment plans may be the next step.

The treatment plan may encompass services that are provided directly to clients or through activities performed on their own at home. ISLP provides some of the most comprehensive speech therapy services in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area.

Some of the disorders treated at ISLP include apraxia, auditory processing, ASD, cognitive deficits, dysphagia, and more. ISLP can be reached through (310) 933-1265 to provide additional information about our Beverly Hills speech therapy and availability for consultations.