Talkbeat (Mommy/Daddy and Me Music Classes)

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TALKBEAT is the term we use at ISLP for the music groups. These parent/child groups follow a 10-week curriculum, are led by a board-certified music therapist, and work on goals specific to the age and development of the kids.
Classes incorporate sing-along songs, movement to music activities, art, sensory activities, and improvisation. Kids of all ages and abilities will enjoy meeting new friends, singing, and playing during these classes. Please click on the links below to learn more about each class and to register online!


To learn about class times and availability, please call the ISLP office at 310-659-9511.


Wiggle, Giggle and Grow– This group is appropriate for ages 12 mo – 2 yrs old.

Little ones love to move, learn, and explore in this energetic class! This 10-week curriculum focuses on social interaction, body awareness and movement, beginning vocal development, and communication through sign language. This class emphasizes initial age appropriate sounds and communication intent, starting with cause and effect. In addition, it introduces primary concepts such as numbers, colors, and animal sounds.


Shake It, Move It and Groove It– This group is appropriate for ages 2.5yrs – 4yrs old .

Each week you and your child will enjoy singing, dancing, playing instruments, and meeting new friends! During this 10-week course, you will help your child enhance and practice skills such as developmentally appropriate sound production, vocabulary expansion, special concepts, pronouns, sentence expansion, and language concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, and animal sounds. You will help your child work on improving gross and fine motor skills, turn taking, social skills, listening, and craft building.


I Can Talk and Sing– This group is appropriate for ages 3.5yrs – 5yrs old


Let’s sing, dance, play, AND learn! Throughout this 10-week course, children will engage in music and movement activities that promote higher language development, early reading skills, appropriate social skills, and creativity. We incorporate activities that work on categorizing, sequencing, organizational skills, sound differentiations, multiple step directions, social interaction and more difficult sound productions.


Let’s Read, Sing and Play– This group is appropriate for children ages 3.5yrs – 5yrs old.

Children will be excited for preschool as they prepare with this music group! During this 10-week class, children will engage in structured music activities that work on concepts such as phonemic awareness, and more difficult language concepts such as word recognition, letter and vowel sounds, and simple rhyming. It will also incorporate the five senses, the days of the week, and the months of the year! This class is a great way to learn, practice, and reinforce reading techniques through music and help prepare them for their preschool/kindergarten learning!